[Mamonde] Moisture Ceramide Light Cream (Hibiscus)


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[Mamonde] Moisture Ceramide Light Cream (Hibiscus)


Moisture Ceramide Light Cream provides long-lasting hydration and helps fortify the skin moisture barrier.

Powerful Hibiscus Moisture Barrier:
Mamonde’s exclusively developed Ceramide PC-104 ingredient and the twice enhanced moisturizing effective ingredients of the hibiscus flower strengthen the skin’s batter to deliver moisture to the deepest layers of the skin.

Double-Moisture BarrierTM:
The Double Moisture BarrierTM technique reinforces the skin’s moisture support to ensure that it retains its deep and comforting moisture over extended periods.

Superior Moisture Barrier from the Foundation:
Improves the skin moisture barrier that is easily shattered by fine dust and other harmful environmental factors to create healthy skin that is superior from its very foundation.

Soft and Pleasant Texture:
The Lipid Networking System technology delivers a non-sticky, moist formula that gently adheres and forms a comforting moisture barrier that feels no different from your very own skin.



1. Take a preferred and appropriate amount of cream
2. Gently spread along the skin.

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