About Us

The only thing constant in life is change, and there is no reason why
your makeup and skincare routine should not have the same mantra.

MUSCBOX (literally breaks down to Make Up Skin Care Box) aims to help
you up your MUSC game by providing curated products to your doorstep, ensuring that you will never be bored of your vanity!
We are currently working on expanding our product line and we hope that you will join us in our journey in being your one-stop MUSC provider.
Also, we want to build MUSCBOX as a beauty community that provide real opinions and recommendations on products, so feel free to pen down your reviews after trying anything out!

Muscbox loves animals.
Canine, About Us 

We are strongly against any sort of animal cruelty and we do not want to include products from any company that condones animal testings. Please do notify us at admin@muscbox.com if you realise that we have included items from these companies and we will not hesitate to remove their products.