[Mamonde] Cleansing Foam Series (Micro/Triple Multi)


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[Mamonde] Cleansing Foam Series (Micro/Triple Multi)
[Mamonde] Cleansing Foam Series (Micro/Triple Multi)
[Mamonde] Cleansing Foam Series (Micro/Triple Multi)


Mamonde's Micro Cleansing Foam is a hydrating, brightening cleansing foam that cleanses even the finest particulate matter (PM 2.5), while protecting the moisturizing factors of the skin to create healthier and brighter looking skin.
The cleanser is formulated with lotus, one of the most remarkable creations of nature. Its beauty lies in its purity because although this magnificent flower emerges from the dirty and muddy bottom of a pond, it still remains untouched and unstained by its soiled surroundings. 

Mamonde's Triple Multi Cleansing Foam is a 3-in-1 multi cleansing foam which removes makeup, sun cream, and dead skin cells in one step, leaving your skin refreshed.
The cleanser is formulated with the flower, Iris, as its main ingredient.
Mamonde's research team has found out that in addition to its well-known cleansing efficacy, Iris extract also helps to control the oiliness of the face with its sebum control ability.
With this cleanser, dual cleansing will no longer be necessary as the foam can be used to remove sun cream and makeup. Even people with oily to combination skin can feel refreshed after cleansing!


1. Squeeze a grape-sized amount of product onto your palm
2. Massage your face in circular movements
3. Wash thoroughly and dry

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