[The Saem] Natural Mask Sheet
[The Saem] Natural Mask Sheet

[The Saem] Natural Mask Sheet

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The SAEM Natural Mask Sheet uses a lightweight "essence pocket" sheet that is imbued with essences formulated from natural ingredients found in nature. The little pockets are able to store more essence for your skin to absorb when applied to the skin.

Acai: Rich in various polyphenols, Makes dry, tired skin moisturised and elastic.
Aloe: Excellent moisturizing function. It soothes irritated skin and moisturizes it as well.
Argan: Makes skin feel smooth and elastic, the skin will look radiant.
Avocado: Delivers abundant moisture and nourishment to dry, sensitive skin.
Bamboo: Contains amino acid and vitamin-rich bamboo sap from pristine forests that makes skin healthy by moisturizing and soothing skin.
Blueberry: Makes dull skin look young and moisturizes the skin by supplying effective substances to the skin.
Charcoal: Korean oak charcoal powder that purifies skin and cleanses impurities in pores to help brighten your complexion.
Cucumber: Moisture-rich cucumber extract forms a moisture layer over the skin and makes skin look healthy and hydro-radiant.
Gold Kiwi: Contains a lot of vitamins and various nutrients. It removes dead skin cells and revitalizes the skin by providing moisture to the skin.
Green Tea: Provides vitality to the skin. It makes the skin moist and healthy by strengthening the protective layer of the skin.
Honey: Manuka honey extract makes the skin look luminous and smooth by supplying rich nourishment to dry skin.
Lemon: Contains abundant Vitamin C, making a dull skin tone look transparent and clear.
Oatmeal: Draws moisture into the skin and keeps moisture in the skin for long hours by forming a protective moisture layer over the tired skin.
Olive: Provides rich nourishment to the skin, making dry skin feel soft and smooth.
Pomegranate: Contains abundant phytonutrients that make the texture of the skin feel elastic and moist.
Potato: Restores the health of tired, irritated skin, providing a soothing effect to sensitive skin.
Red Ginseng: Improves the energy of the skin and makes skin full of vitality, strengthens the skin barrier.
Rice: Provides moisturizing and brightening effect smoothes uneven skin textures and makes skin clear and revitalized.
Rose: Moisturizes and revitalizes skin by regulating the skin's balance.
Shea Butter: Makes skin healthy by forming a strong moisture film over dry skin, providing a soothing effect to sensitive skin.
Tea Tree: Relieves stress from the skin, making the skin feel refreshed and clean by eliminating the shine and uneven skin tone that results from having oily skin.


1. Cleanse your face with your facial cleanser. 
2. Apply toner on your face.
3. Tear open the packet and carefully unfold the mask.
4. Apply onto your face and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.
5. Remove and massage the remaining essence into skin.
6. Follow up with the rest of your skincare routine. 
7. Stay pretty or handsome.


Please take note that The Saem has come up with new packagings for their Natural Mask Sheet, hence, buyers may receive a mixture of both new and old packaging!