[TONY MOLY] Pureness 100 Sheet Mask


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[TONY MOLY] Pureness 100 Sheet Mask


Our Pureness 100 sheet mask collection features a non-bleached 100% cotton face sheets that help to instantly soothe skin. The soft cotton face sheets provide moisture and nutrition to damaged skin while soothing stressed skin and giving a rich glow to the skin.

Caviar: This gentle mask provides rich nourishment to the skin.
Collagen: This gentle mask provides elasticity to the skin, firming it up.
Green Tea: This gentle mask soothes the skin.
Pearl: This gentle mask brightens skin.
Placenta: This gentle mask strengthens the skin's vitality.
Propolis: This gentle mask instantly soothes skin.
Red Ginseng: This gentle mask provides moisture and nourishment for glowy skin.
Shea Butter: This mask increases moisture in the skin.
Snail: This gentle mask prevents skin irritation.


1. Cleanse your face with your facial cleanser. 
2. Apply toner on your face.
3. Tear open the packet and carefully unfold the mask.
4. Apply onto your face and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.
5. Remove and massage the remaining essence into skin.
6. Follow up with the rest of your skincare routine. 
7. Stay pretty or handsome.

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